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CS/HCI Summer Research Program Tracker (2022)

Maintained by @andrewkuznet // Last Updated 2/1/2022

This is a list of summer research programs (and academic internships) in the field of Computer Science (CS) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI), specific to Summer 2022. All information is collected/tagged manually from the internet, and sorted by deadline. You may optionally decide to filter listing based on the presence of HCI projects, as tagged by myself on casual inspection. If you see something wrong or would like to request a change, DM me on twitter (@andrewkuznet). Note that the tags I've assigned may not be a strict representation of the posting.

-> Last Update (2/1/2022): Added CRA-WP <-

(1/26/2022): Added Vanderbilt, Indiana

(1/7/2022): Added UW

(12/24/2022): Added some 2022 listings sourced from last year's set. Still looking out for a few such as UCLA, UCSD design lab, Kixlab, UToroto, and UW.

(12/17/2022): All listings valid for 2022 from REU Sites: Computer and Information Science and Engineering have been added.

(12/16/2022): Initial set of REU's added

Research Programs (sort by presence of HCI Projects)